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Forest for Cornwall

Cornwall County Council is the landowner of the Reserve and the Steeple Woodland Project Group manages it on their behalf.

The Council is keen to promote tree planting as part of its Forest for Cornwall programme.

The volunteers are well ahead of the game when it comes to tree planting. The Reserve is almost at capacity for new native tree planting. There is some space for infill and replacement planting, particularly where large old trees fall leaving an open canopy that lets in enough light in to support new tree growth

With new trees from seed, cuttings and the occasional (very welcome) donation we have been able to plant a variety of native species such as oak, alder, hazel and walnut.

Of course, that's all assuming the resident deer will leave the saplings alone to flourish!

If you are keen to help with the planting and maintenance of trees or you would like to sponsor a tree or make a donation we'd be very happy to hear from you.


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