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Doh! A deer...

They are elegant, graceful and beautiful. No not the Volunteers, the Roe Deer that we share the Reserve with.

Sometimes, however, the deer can cause headaches for those looking after the newly planted trees on the Reserve.

They are only doing what comes naturally, but the saplings can suffer serious damage.

Roe deer have damaged this young rowan tree. A buck has rubbed his horns on the trunk to remove the velvet after they sprouted. Scratch marks are visible on the trunk.

Sapling damaged by deer.
Sapling damaged by deer.

To try to give the saplings the best possible start in life we use spiral tree sleeves to protect the lower parts of the tree that the deer can reach.

Sapling protected by a tree sleeve.
Sapling protected by a tree sleeve.

So, when you are out and about and wondering about all the tree sleeves now you know.

If you'd like to get involved in local nature conservation at the Reserve you can get more details on our website.


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