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Site operations

The reserve is managed by the Steeple Woodland Project Group on behalf of Cornwall County Council.


Our current work programme is focused on keeping the paths clear for everyone to enjoy, crushing/cutting bracken to allow tree saplings, heather and wild flowers to thrive and pulling up the invasive Rhododendron regrowth on Trelyon Downs. The detailed work plan is broken down by area and season in the Management Plan and a summary is available in our blog.


The volunteers use hand tools (for example scythes, slashers, lopers and mattocks) and where necessary petrol powered tools (such as chainsaws and strimmers). Gloves and other safety equipment are available for the volunteers to use.


See our 'Volunteers needed' page for how to get involved.

Management Plan

The 10 year plan for the management of the reserve is available below. The management plan was approved by the Steeple Woodland Project Group Committee in October 2019.

The main aims of the Group are:

  • to promote and manage the Local Nature Reserve to function as both a wildlife habitat and a public amenity. Formal designation as a Local Nature Reserve gives the area a degree of protection from further development and ensures wildlife interests are protected.

  • to preserve and enhance the naturalness of the site and to this end the installation of man-made artefacts including signage, seats and made up paths will be kept to a minimum.


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