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Health and wellbeing benefits

The joy of the outdoors

It's not just the volunteers who can benefit from the positive mental and physical health effects of being outdoors.


Whether you are a dog walker exploring the trails and paths (see our blog for more on walks), a family playing in the woodland or hikers on their way along the St. Michael's Way there are health benefits to be had from being outdoors.

Physical health benefits

Research has shown that spending time outdoors has a range of physical health benefits for both adults and children. Whether its a stroll along the reserve's accessible path, a walk through the woods, walking the dog (even if you don't have one) or a full-on hike the positive effects on our weight, stress levels, blood pressure, immune system and all-round health is significant.


While you are breathing in the fresh sea air you are also breathing in phytoncides. These are chemicals produced naturally by plants (especially trees) for protection, but they also have a beneficial effect on humans.

Mental health benefits

It is well understood that spending time outdoors is good for our mental health. The reserve offers a wide variety of paths, glades, woodland, heathland, plants and wildlife in which to lose yourself.


The mental health charity Mind has a lot of useful tips and information on the benefits of being outdoors.

Forest bathing (or Shinrin-Yoku)

In Japan, the natural therapy of spending time outdoors is known as Shinrin-Yoku. The short video below explains more.

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