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Tree planting and sponsorship


Rewilding the reserve

Each winter native trees are planted on the Nature Reserve and, as always, help is always greatly appreciated!


There have been many successful planting seasons, with as many as 900 trees planted per season, to help create areas of new woodland on the Reserve. We've selected around 25 different species of native trees, in order to maximise the variety of plants and attract a wide range of wildlife onto the site.


Groups from St.Ives Infants School, Nancledra School, High Tides Nursery and Duchy College have assisted with this substantial task, along with a good number of volunteers from the local area.


Inspections have found that almost all of the trees have become established and are growing well.


Sponsor a tree as a gift

For £10 you can sponsor a tree as a thoughtful and enduring gift for friends and loved ones. You will recieve a personalised gift certificate, by post or email, including the names of the sponsor and the recipient and a short message. Contact us for more details.


Making a donation towards the running of the reserve

As well as all of the voluntary work involved, managing the Steeple Woodland Nature Reserve requires continuous funding to pay for tools and materials, site insurance, specialist contractors and to cover a host of other management and administrative expenses.


The project group would be delighted to hear from you if you can provide any form of donation to assist with the on-going management of the reserve. Even a small donation of a few pounds can make a big difference when we are purchasing trees to plant - why not sponsor a tree or even a group of trees? You will be able to return to check on the trees as they grow - a perfect activity for all the family.


If you are able to spare a larger sum, this will be a vital contribution to ensuring that the site can be properly looked after. You may wish to be shown around the site to discuss how your donation will be spent and to find out more about the benefits it will be providing - if so, an experienced project volunteer will be happy to oblige.


We are also very keen to hear from any businesses that can to support the management of the reserve in any way. This is a great way for companies to demonstrate active commitment to their local community and environment.


All donations are processed through the bank account of the Steeple Woodland Project Group (a Registered Community Group) and are subject to full accounting and auditing procedures - every penny goes on agreed project costs.


Please contact us if you would like to help.

Rupert Manley receiving a donation from Gerri Pardoe.
Gerri's fundraising fudge.
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