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Designated paths

Looking for somewhere new to walk in the reserve? Here's all you need to know about designated paths...

Public access

The site is a public open space with free public access. There is one designated public right of way crossing the site: the path following the eastern boundary of the site between Count House Lane and Steeple Lane.

There are several informal paths over the site, maintained by a combination of footfall and SWPG volunteers. There is an improved path suitable for wheelchair and limited mobility users from the site entrance by the notice board on Steeple Lane to the old reservoir, a level area used for activities such as the Open Day. The path incorporates a small viewing area above the old reservoir. The design of this minimises the environmental and aesthetic impact on the naturalness of the site.

The main, or “designated”, paths will be kept clear to a reasonable standard. Other informal paths will generally be left to be kept clear by footfall. Some areas of the site will be deliberately left without access, other than existing designated paths, to facilitate colonisation by wildlife.


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