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Cornish hedging project update

Visitors to the Reserve may have noticed that there are a lot of Cornish hedges dotted around the site. Some of the hedges have been around for quite a long time while others, particularly those protecting open mine shafts, are only 20 years old.

Cornish hedges are great for supporting biodiversity - Cornwall County Council, who own the Reserve land, have more details here.

Because they are so good for wildlife and have so much history attached to them (as well as looking lovely) they are something that the Volunteers are keen to maintain. The Volunteer Work Group in late February got together to repair a significant chunk of the middle hedge.

Volunteers repairing the middle Cornish hedge
Volunteers repairing the middle Cornish hedge

The work group was well attended (as ever) and the skills needed to repair the hedges were shared amongst the group.

The finished result was well worth the effort. A job well done!

Volunteers and a job well done
Volunteers and a job well done

If you fancy learning some new skills, getting some exercise and helping with conservation efforts at the Reserve we'd be delighted to see you, Details are here.


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