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One bad apple...

We are very sad to say that the volunteers have received reports of vandalism and anti-social behaviour around the reserve.

The reserve is owned by Cornwall County Council and managed by the Steeple Woodland Project Group volunteers. It is a public amenity available for all to enjoy.

The vast majority of our visitors treat the reserve with the respect it deserves, enjoy their visit and leave things as they find them. However, there are a few thoughtless individuals who do damage and spoil the reserve for everyone else. The following are some phtots reported to the volunteers about damage done, especially in the ancient woods.

We assume that this one is of a tin can used for airgun target practice.

Fires not only damage the area the fire is set in, but they also use fallen wood from other parts of the reserve. Removing wood from the reserve for any purpose is illegal.

While these incidents are infrequent and more mindless than malicious, we ask that visitors do not approach anyone acting anti-socially but to try to gather any evidence they can and report the matter to the Police on 101 or to the volunteers via the website.

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