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Spring has sprung

After the recent storms it might not seem like it, but Spring is in the air on the Reserve.

Leaves are budding on the trees, Lords and Ladies are bursting into leaf, catkins are breaking out on the willows, daffodils are in bud and the snowdrops are in flower.

Snowdrop flowers surrounded by ground ivy.
Snowdrop flowers and ivy leaves.

Even the conifers are getting in on the action.

Male pine tree flower.
Male pine tree flower.

Conifers are part of the group of plants called Gymnosperms (translated as 'naked seed'). These plants have male and female flowers but their seeds develop on scales or leaves (usually in the form of a cone). Compare that to Angiosperms (i.e. the other flowering plants) whose seeds develop protected in ovaries.

If you can find a gap in the last of the winter rains get up to the Reserve and take a look as Spring unfolds.

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Steeple Woods
Steeple Woods
04 mars 2022

Primroses are flowering too!

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