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Support for the CEE Bill

The Steeple Woodland Project Group has joined the CEE Bill Alliance - West Cornwall and signed an open letter calling for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill to be passed in Parliament.

CEE Bill Alliance - West Cornwall logo
CEE Bill Alliance - West Cornwall

The CEE Bill sets out a whole-of-government emergency plan to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels and reverse the destruction of nature. The Bill is about:

  1. Tackling the climate and nature crises together

  2. Doing our fair share to cut UK emissions and stay below 1.5°C of global warming

  3. Halting and reverse UK biodiversity loss by 2030

  4. Taking responsibility for the entirety of our global carbon and ecological footprints

  5. Involving the public in a fair way forward.

You can find out more about the bill here.

If you are in West Cornwall and feel the CEE Bill is something that you would like to support you can find more, including actions you can take, as an individual or a group/business.


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