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Lots of know-how

The volunteers are a clever bunch - whether it's medicinal herbs, forest schooling, tree care, horticulture, bee keeping, local history, garden machinery, conservation or even (ahem) blogging someone will know about it and be keen to pass on their skills and knowledge.

For example, we had a volunteer training session for the safe use of petrol strimmers.

Strimmers are very good for clearing large areas of scrub, but not as environmentally friendly as slashers or scythes so they are only used occasionally.

Health and safety is very important on the Reserve and our insurance demands that we only have trained operators using the garden machinery.

Having said that, it wasn't long before the trainees we able to go it alone.

So, if you've got something to share or you'd like to learn we'd be glad to see you at the volunteer work parties every Wednesday at 09:30.

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